Matthew Flinders Web Site at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

Matthew FlindersA new website at the National Maritime Museum. Greenwich, London.
Matthew Flinders, the master navigator, who literally put Australia on the map, in his ship Investigator became the first European to circumnavigate this continent.

The National Maritime Museum was established by Act of Parliament in 1934, to be opened on the 27th. of April 1937 By King George VI. It carries an amazing collection of close to 2.5 million items.

On long term loan to the Museum from Lisette Flinders Petrie are:- " The Flinders Papers ( 1774-1814 )" covering 150 documents which include personal letters, many to his wife Ann, letters to and from Sir Joseph Banks, maps, charts etc.

A newly established web site at the National Maritime Museum allows one to explore this wonderful collection, which may be accessed at:

A visit is thoroughly recommended.


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