The Final ‘Passage’ - David Davies United Kingdom

Congratulations Mac and Farewell

Congratulations Mac on a job exceedingly well done, you will be missed by your loved ones, those closest to you.

I hope your loved ones do not mind if the Millions of Log readers who know the SEA and Mac through this medium past and in the future, remember him with affection and respect for his vast knowledge of ships the sea and the people who served in and on the unpredictable unforgiving sea.

My contact with Mac was after the death of my Master Mariner father in 2001. He lost both his brothers during the Second World War and I became interested in the loss of these two ships.

The brothers Brynley (27) and Edward (26) were engineer officers. Brynley served aboard the King Lud which was lost on the 8th June 1942 with all hands to JIN10 submarine in the Mozambique Channel heading to Trincomalee details of which I found on the "Web Log". Edward served aboard the Lylepark she was heading for Cape Town and was attacked by the German surface raider ship No 28 "Michel" in the Southern Atlantic on 11th June 1942 with the loss of 18 hands. My father had read the book "loss of a German surface raider" which describes this incident.

So without Mac we would not have known what fate befell the "King Lud" My Father believed that this ship was heading to South Africa from Trincomalee, which is what he told me, and that was all he knew about that loss.

Farewell Mac.

Peace be with you and your loved ones.


David Davies

United Kingdom


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