Review by Mackenzie Gregory of the new book by Robert. A. Caro

 - Robert. A. Caro
This 4th. Volume of Robert Caro's monumental work on Johnson which was commenced  back in 1982, is easily his best work on this subject.

Johnson had proved his ability as a Master politician when Leader of the US Senate, but his hopes of the Presidency had been thwarted.

He had studied the history of the number of times a President had died in office, and found his chance of advancing to that role by this method was very limited, so when President Jack Kennedy offered him the opportunity to run as his Vice President, he grabbed this offer with both hands.

Bobby Kennedy and Johnson hated each other, and Bobby had tried to stymie this deal.

Lyndon Johnson stage managed with skill, his transition from Vice President to President of the United States, rubbing salt into the wound of the Kennedy clan by asking Bobby Kennedy ( then the Attorney General ) details of the oath of office he would swear as the incoming President.

No one will ever forget the photograph of the blood stained Jackie Kennedy standing beside Johnson in Air Force 1 as he was sworn in as the next US President.

As the new President, he moved quickly on Civil Rights to pass such a bill ( although a much watered down one, to satisfy the Southern States ) which had been at the top of President Kennedy's agenda.

The 5th. and final volume of this Presidential saga  which will include the Vietnam war and Johnson's Grand Design, it will be awaited with much interest, and thus conclude this most fascinating body of work that covers a US President.


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