Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. Proceeding with HMS Sussex Project

In 1694, the 80 gun Royal Navy warship HMS Sussex sank in the Western Mediterranean after a violent storm. At that time she was believed to carry in her cargo a vast sum of money, reported to to be used to pursuade the Duke of Savoy, then a British Ally in their war against France and King Louis XIV.

On the French side they were trying to bribe the Duke with a huge sum, plus a hoard of gold to join up with their forces against England. The fortunate Duke of Savoy was in a win/win situation, with both the British and French trying to lure him and his Army with the promise of large amounts of money, and in the French case an additional prize of gold.

Odyssey Marine Exploration believe they have located the wreck of Sussex, and have signed an agreement with the British Government to excavate it, the company have announced publicly: The Sussex Project Plan.

Follow this link for details: www.shipwreck.net/sussexpp.html 

Once this project is under way, and the wreck is dived on, we await further reports with great interest.

It is this company that is currently recovering gold coins from the wreck of SS Republic off Savannah, USA.

Odyssey puts the HMS Sussex project on hold whilst Spanish Government deliberate on this subject.
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