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This interview featured in the Melbourne morning paper The Herald Sun dated today, Tuesday the 11th. of April 2006, Anzac Day is on the 25th, and the paper is wanting to involve schools in a competition to promote that day.

A school, needs to log online to the paper's website to enter a quiz about Anzac Day, the winner will receive a just published book, "Voices of War" from the Australian Film library. It contains 21 stories from the 2,000 ex service personnel who each had an 8 hour oral history recorded a couple of years ago in a Federal Government initiative to document personal stories from WW2.

Some 5,000 were screened to select 2,000 to be interviewed and also filmed at that time. I was one of those selected, and in fact was the first to be visited in my State of Victoria, all interviews were conducted in each Veteran's home.

I will visit the winning school, no matter where in Victoria it may be located to talk to the children about my own WW2 experiences, and then have a a question and answer session.
The contest closes on the 20th. and the winner will be published in the Herald Sun on the 25th. of April, which is the 91st. Anniversary of the landing at Anzac Cove on Gallipoli on the 25th. of April 1915.

It is an interesting concept, and I hope it draws a large number of entries from schools around the State of Victoria.

I believe it is important for children in Australia to be educated to realise the freedom under which they live today came at a price, the lives of many service men and women who fought for the cause of freedom over the years of WW2, 1939-1945.


Anzac School Competition winner 2006


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