MHHV Inc - Military History & Heritage Victoria

Military History & Heritage Victoria was incorporated to promote Military History in Victoria and beyond.

Its basic aims are:

To encourage interest in Australian and especially Victorian military history and heritage in all of its forms within both the general community and by individuals.

To develop and engage in activities related to the research of military history and the preservation of military heritage as well as the promotion, education, and commemoration of this history and heritage among communities and the general public of Victoria.

To promote the interests of its member organisations to all levels of Government, communities and the general public of Victoria.

To promote communication and cooperation within the military history and heritage community of Victoria.

Its first annual meeting was held at Victoria Barracks in the Blamey Room on November 7, 2012, and election of Office bearers was conducted.

I was nominated and elected as Vice President, indeed an honour for me, any thing I am able to achieve to promote and serve this organisation will indeed be a pleasure.

Too much of our Military History falls by the wayside to be lost to posterity, let us record Personal accounts for following generations.

See our web site at: Meantime, consider membership of MHHV, help swell its ranks, and attend some of the functions it arranges. You will be well rewarded.

Mackenzie Gregory.
Vice President.


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