Krait story updated in January 2014

It was way back in September of 1943 that an intrepid crew of 15, 11 Australian and 4 British Servicemen undertook Operation Jaywick, the raid on Singapore Harbour from the former Japanese Fishing boat KRAIT, which has since laid in the waters of Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Now in January of 2014, this 21 metre, 60 tonne vessel is to be lifted from the water and preserved as a permanent display at the National Maritime Museum at Sydney's Darling Harbour.

Unfortunately but one crew member, Able Seaman Mostyn Berryman from Adelaide is the lone survivor from the original crew of 15. These members of Z Special Unit from Australia sank 40,000 tonnes of enemy shipping in one of the most brilliant and successful operations in the history of Special Forces.

KRAIT drew its name from a deadly Asian snake.


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