Julia Gillard versus Kevin Rudd?

Who will lead the Australian Labor Party to the next election?

That is an interesting question given the infighting amongst the party faithful.

In my view Julia Gillard is not likely to easily give up the leadership as Prime Minister. She enjoys the job too much and will not just walk away, not her style. With Julia at the helm up to 9 of her Ministers could go, and in Queensland, Kevin Rudd could be the only Labor Member left standing.

It would be a complete disaster. To remove Julia some one like Bill Shorten would have to tell her its time for her to go, as one of her most ardent supporters I do not think he has the “bottle" to take on that task.

Kevin Rudd is hated in the Party, Mark Latham recenty described him as “evil”, but the Electorate sees Kevin quite differently, as the leader he seems likely to poll up to 6% above that which Julia could command, and that would save a number of elected Labor member’s holding marginal seats.

With Kevin leading the Labor party an election might even be brought forward to August.

I am sure that Tony Abbott would much rather face Julia Gillard on the hustings, than he would have Kevin Rudd leading the Labor Party.

What a fascinating time it is in Australian Politics, and who knows the eventual outcome?


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