Interview about the WW1 German Armed Merchant Raider, Moewe

I had an interesting E-Mail from Belfast, Northern Ireland yesterday asking if I would take a phone call from there at 1200 GMT Tuesday, the 24th. of May 2005, ie at 9 PM Australian time, as they are on summer time there, and now 9 hours behind Melbourne, and record an interview about the WW1 German Armed Merchant  Raider, Moewe, I agreed, and it took place this evening. The call very clear without any time delays.

It was sparked from reading my account of Moewe, in Marauders of the Sea. German Armed Merchant Raiders of WW1.

A Maritime programme is recorded weekly for BBC radio in Belfast, and as I understand it, goes to air each Sunday at 1500 GMT, to be aired daily for a week.

The interest in this ship is the fact that she sank some ships that had been built at the then huge Belfast shipbuilders Harland and Wolff, at their peak employing 36,000 men, now sadly down to 120.

So Terry, Ahoy continues to spread its tentacles, and one never really knows just whom may be on the end of a phone in due course.

The BBC radio in Belfast will send a tape if I am unable to pick up the broadcast on the net.

So you can see how your (our) work and influence goes round your world.

Article from Charlie who did my BBC Belfast interview about Moewe


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