HMAS Sydney 11 - Relatives request for help

Dear Shipmates,
Here is another request for help.

Subject: Assistance required - please circulate
If you are able to assist with the following please reply to Bob Trotter direct at email address:

From: Bob Trotter OAM FIEAust


G’day Men,

Wes Olson is gathering data for a second book about HMAS Sydney II and he has noted that the following men all have letters or diaries in the AWM which he wants to quote, but there are no contact details for the donors. So he needs to make contact with descendants of the following men to gain permission.

  • 16069 Eric Charles Evans, RAN. Enlisted in Victoria. Posted off ship before it was sunk.
  • 13585 Jack Sheather, RAN. Enlisted in NSW. Went down with ship.
  • R21906 Phillip Reginald Herington, RAN. Enlisted in NSW. Posted off ship before it was sunk.
  • S3383 Ronald William Boorman, RAN. Enlisted in NSW. Posted off ship before it was sunk.
  • 21715 William George McCartney, RAN. Enlisted in NSW. Posted off ship before it was sunk.
  • 3863 John Keene, RAAF. Enlisted in NSW. Part of Seagull/Walrus maintenance team. Posted off ship before it was sunk.

I have a database of all those who sought a copy of the FSF DVD of wreck photos, which includes some relatives of shipmates who left the ship before her loss, but none are connected to the above. The Navy database of relatives was held by the Sea Power Centre but the last time I asked the IT Manager there, it was no longer theirs and no longer
maintained; regardless, it was primarily concerned with relatives of men lost with Sydney.

Do any of your Associations have relatives of any of the above men on the books? Is it possible for you to send out an “All Ship – All Shore” to your members to see if you can locate them? 

Here’s hoping!

Yours aye
Bob Trotter OAM FIEAust
0418 487 158


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