Goodbye Mac - Mackenzie J. Gregory (9 February 1922  - 27 August 2014)

Mac Gregory’s family wishes to advise his many friends and legion of Ahoy followers that Mac died on August 27th, 2014. In accordance with Mac’s final wishes, he was cremated on September 1st and his ashes were scattered from the end of Station Pier, Port Melbourne at high tide on September 3rd in the presence of his immediate family.

In a coincidence that would not be lost on Mac and many of his loyal readers, September 1st marked the 75th Anniversary of the invasion of Poland by Germany and September 3rd, 1939 was the date that Britain and her Allies declared war.

From that moment, Station Pier was a very special place for Mac as it was from there that he sailed out of Melbourne as a 17 year old Cadet Midshipman in 1939 to begin his seafaring adventures and it was there that he wished to be scattered at the end of his long and wonderful life.

He is now forever in his beloved sea, sailing with the tide.

With the generous support of Mac’s webmaster Terry, it is the family’s intention to keep Ahoy open indefinitely so we can all continue to celebrate Mac’s extraordinary life and his website can continue to be enjoyed by all visitors.

Mac on his 92nd birthday, 9 February 2014

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