Former Prime Minister John Howard, discusses his recently published memoirs: Lazarus Rising

On Tuesday November 9, 2010 I attended a book dinner function with former Prime Minister John Howard, whereby he was to talk about his recently published Memoirs: Lazarus Rising to an audience of some 550 people.

Lazarus Rising

I was placed on John's right with Denise next to me.

He sat down, looked at me, and said I Know You, I responded yes, the day before 9/11 at the Washington Navy Yard when you received the ship's Bell from the US cruiser USS Canberra from President George Bush, of course! he said.

We had a quite wonderful evening, and recalled how by inviting Denise and me to attend Arlington Cemetery with both his wife Janette and himself he had unknowenly saved both of our lives. We had been booked on the fateful American Airlines Flight 77 which had crashed into the Pentagon killing all on board. Because of John Howard's invitation to join him at Arlington. our Australian Embassy rebooked us onto another flight. Oh how small events can change one's destiny.

American Airlines Flight 77
URL of wreckage of AA Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon from Wikipedia




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