First Steamship makes history in crossing Atlantic Ocean. SS Savannah sails from Savannah to Liverpool in 1819

SS Savannah a 330 ton ship, 98 feet and 6 inches in length, with a beam of but 25 feet 2 inches, and drawing 12 feet and 1 inch had been fitted with both sails and a 90 Horse Power engine and boiler. On the 22nd of May in 1819, she sailed out of the port of Savannah Georgia, commanded by Moses Rogers to commence the first historic crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by a steamship. She made it to Liverpool England on the 20th. of June, using her engines on 18 days of her epic journey.

SS Savannah
SS Savannah

Report of the voyage in the British Press.

Liverpool, England, June 20, 1819 - Visionary Yankee ingenuity has stolen a march on British Empire sea leadership and at the same time has blazed the way toward a new means of travel between the Western and Eastern hemispheres.

The steam powered vessel, the Savannah, has arrived at this port from the city of Savannah, Georgia, after a voyage of twenty seven days. This is the first ocean crossing by this type of boat and materially reduces the time formerly required for the Atlantic Ocean voyage.

Her huge paddle wheels churning the waters and her sails spread, the Yankee vessel made a stirring sight as she entered the harbor. Although originally she had been laid down as a sailing vessel, the Savannah was outfitted with a steam engine. Her engine was used sparingly however, for out of six hundred forty eight hours on the seas, five hundred sixty eight hours saw her sails in use.

SS Savannah monument.
SS Savannah monument

Before returning home to Georgia.
Before she made her return crossing home to Georgia, SS Savannah sailed to visit St Petersburg, Cronstad and Stockholm.

city of Savannah Georgia
The city of Savannah Georgia

Naming nuculear powered ship.
In modern times, the nuculear powered Savannahwas named in honour of the original steamship.


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