Federal Politics: Gilliard Versus Rudd

In the leadership fight to lead the Labor Party Julia Gilliard has not just won the Caucus vote, she has slaughtered Kevin Rudd, 71 votes to 31. This is the largest majority ever achieved by a Labor leader in the history of the party.

The public support shown to Kevin Rudd simply did not translate to support of him in Caucus, his colleages in the party know only too well how impossible it is to work with the man, who is all about himself, and so chose Julia Gilliard to save their jobs and hopefully lead them to  victory at the next Federal election.

Kevin Rudd will sit on the back bench and has declared if defeated he will not challenge Julia again, but who could believe that from him?

I think he should just quit politics in the broader interest of the party, he is most likely seeking a job overseas where he can still strut on the world stage to satisify his egomania.

The Prime Minister is now faced with a Ministerial reshuffle, in my judgement she will want to keep this to a minimum.

She has to replace Rudd as Foreign Minister, and my money is on Craig  Emerson to become the new FM.

The former Attorney General Mc Clelland will go, and perhaps Kim Carr as well, Albanese will survive not withstanding coming out in support of Rudd, Julia needs him as the tough leader of the House.

Martin Ferguson I think will survive as  a Minister, but just who may be  elevated to the Ministry is anyone's guess.

The PM with her overwhelming support now needs to get on with government and show the Leadership needed to carry the Labor party to victory at the 2013 election in 18 months time.

Whist this turmoil is grist to the Coalition mill, Tony Abbott should now release some sensible policies and maybe fight off a possible Malcom Turnbull tilt at the Coalition leadership.

What a fascinating time in Federal politics, never in my lifetime has there been such an upheaveal in Canberra.

I look to future developments with great interest.


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