Edward Francis Browne 1925 - 2011

1925 - 2011.

Edward Francis Browne was born at Elmore, Victoria, on September 12, 1925.

He enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy at Rushworth on September 14, 1943, with the Official Number, PM 6923.

Frank served as a Telegraphist in the 8 inch gunned Heavy Cruiser HMAS Shropshire, a gift to the RAN from Winston Churchill to replace her sister ship HMAS Canberra, sunk at the Battle of Savo Island on August 9, 1942.

He was a long serving and valuable member of our Committee of the Canberra/Shropshire Association. Frank mailed our newsletter the Shropshire Times to his old shipmates, and knew where his total mailing list members all lived, mention a name and quick as a flash he would respond, oh yes he lives in Bendigo.

At our AnzacDay meetings at our tree, close to the Shrine of Remembrance, Frank would call the names of our members who had died in the past year.

At our annual reunions he would buy fine boxes of chocolates as door prizes, and distribute them to the lucky winners with his dry sense of humor. He performed this task as recently as October 26, last.

As president of the Canberra/Shropshire Association, on behalf of my Committee and members, I extend our sympathy to you Rita and to your Family in this, your very sad loss.

Edward Francis Browne, you will be greatly missed. Your flag has flown high and with great distinction, We Salute You!

Mac. Gregory




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