Canadian TV show Disasters of the Century is researching the Queen Mary and HMS Curacoa collision

Is there any way you could post the following on your web-site:

The Canadian TV show Disasters of the Century is looking for ancestors of/or survivors and witnesses of the Queen Mary and HMS Curacoa collision off the coast of Ireland on Oct. 2, 1942.

If you have any information please contact:

Jackie Lay
Disasters of the Century
2704 10th Ave.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4T 1E9
Phone: (306) 545-1426
Fax: 1-306-569-9616
Toll Free in the US  and Canada 1-877-302-4333 ext 76

If you can't no worries. If you can, is there a charge if so before you proceed can you let me know the cost? I will only need it posted for about month and a half!!

Take care and thank you for your time!!
Jackie Lay


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