A few pictures of HMAS Canberra from Allan Young's (Ordnance Artificer in the RAN) scrapbook

Canberra entering Port Hunter, June 1942
Canberra entering Port Hunter is stated to be taken at 4 AM, but I find that hard to believe. It is undated, but I think is about mid June 1942, just before we sailed to Brisbane, and then off to the ill fated Solomons Canberra, place and date unknown.

Canberra, place and date unknown

Looks like India, the pool is for a Crossing the Line Ceremony I would think

Simonstown and Nuisance the big Great Dane dog, it looks as if the Canberra crew might have tried to keep him on board, as did we in the Australia. He has been hoisted over the side here to go back o the Simonstown Dockyard.


Dressed up for Crossing the Line Ceremony HMS Canberra 
Dressed up for Crossing the Line Ceremony.
HMAS Canberra Dressed up for Crossing the Line Ceremony
Five. A policeman apprehends a victim for treatment in Crossing the Line Ceremony.
Six. A practice shoot with main armament HMAS Canberra
A practice shoot with main armament.

Ordnance Artificer, John Rimmer HMAS Canberra
Uncle Ordnance Artificer, John Rimmer
(My Uncle is in this photo taken at HMAS Moreton I believe. 
Standing 5th from the left, 3rd row from the front. 
Again no idea as to the who what when etc .- Allan.)

Alan Young
Allan Young. A Tiffy, is an artificer, such as, ordnance, engineering, blacksmith, shipwright etc


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