In an earlier year I had led the Navy contingent on ANZAC DAY.

In 2009 I was honoured by leading the total Anzac Day Parade in  Melbourne.

This year THE AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING COMMISSION invited me to do the TV commentary covering the navy in this Anzac Day Parade.

I felt it went off well but must wait on the ABC’s critique, I really enjoyed the experience.


I’d like to thank you all for helping to produce such terrific coverage of Melbourne’s Anzac Day March.

There were an enormous amount of changes to contend with this year and despite some minor technical complications I believe it was the best coverage put together in years. It felt more relevant than previously. More than ever the coverage seemed to get to the heart of the event.

I’ve already received very positive feedback from our audience, and I’ll be sure to pass on ratings figures when they come through.

From a production point of view, there are certainly areas where improvements can be made. Returning to a live opener next year will allow more prep time for crew and take some pressure off all on-air personalities and crew.

Beverley, Michael, Mac and Nick I hope you enjoyed yourselves and are already keen to be involved again in 2014.

You bought a new vigour to our coverage. Ian, thank you for anchoring once more. We are very lucky indeed to have you.

Tony Nicholls, thanks for  introducing us to so many of the people who were taking part in the march or simply showing their support by attending.

Having a roving reporter really opened up the event to our audience and the interviews were first rate.

Kind regards 
Kirsty Bradmore
Executive Producer, TV Sport & Events

April 29, 2013
G'day Mac,

I know Kirsty has sent around an email, however i thought i'd fire one through myself. Just a quick one to say how thankful i am for all your time & efforts during yesterday's march. Apologies for not geting to say goodbye to you personally.

To be thrown into the deep end of live broadcasting, & fly through it with aplomb, is truly remarkable. You handled the occasion brilliantly & your unparallelled insight into Australian naval history was priceless. Bev has been in the business for over 20 years & she was very impressed with your first outing - so that's a tremendous vote of confidence.

Thanks again, Mac.
I look forward to working with you again in future.

Sunny Munn.


My thanks for your quite flattering remarks, I did really enjoy the experience, a number of my friends have commented on the throws to Tony, particularly to the Premier which went on and on, and my commentary thus missed out on a number of ships in the march, including the Corvettes Association which included the Armidale and Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheehan from Launceston , he was but 18 and went down with the ship still strapped in  to his 20mm Oerlican an AA gun, he had already shot down a
Japanese Bomber.

These Corvettes came in at about 800 tons, 60 ( 4 for India ) built in Australia with names of Australian country towns and cities, Townsville, Wagga, Geelong, Burnie, Whyalla, Kalgoolie etc, during WW2 steamed an incredible 6.7 million miles.

It was suggested that long interviews with people such as the Premier should be done prior to the start of the march.

I appreciated your comments.

Best wishes,


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