A Legacy of Scholarship and Information - Ian Pfennigwerth

I think we should bear in mind that Mac had a good, long life, his health was pretty good and his mind was sound. From what I saw of him he enjoyed what he was doing, and he had something enjoyable to do.

He will, of course, be missed - an irreplaceable loss. But I also think we should give thanks that we had him amongst us for so long and were privileged to have the benefit of his friendship and his enthusiasm for the Navy and for the NHSA. He leaves a legacy of scholarship and information that could not have been assembled otherwise.

It is a shame that he left us without giving us a chance to say goodbye and to record our appreciation for his presence and contribution to our lives. But I got the impression that he was used to getting his own way on most things and in this last act he showed that too. If that was what he wanted, he had certainly earned the right to have his wishes respected.

Farewell Mac: we were glad to have you as part of our lives for so long.

Ian Pfennigwerth



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