95th. Anniversary of the Sinking of SS Titanic, April 12th. 1912

To celebrate the 95th. anniversary of the sinking of SS Titanic on April 12th. 1912, the website: http://www.findmypast.com has made available the complete passenger list of all who sailed from Southampton on April 10th. 1912, and then those passengers who joined the ill fated ship at Queenstown in Ireland on April 11th. 1912.

The former list runs to 27 pages, and the latter to 7 pages.

These lists have for years languished in a safe at the National Archives at Kew, available only for viewing under supervision, these historical records have now been made available on line for the very first time, exclusively at Ancestors on board, until April 20th. 2007, one may access the site and download the total 34 pages to your computer without any cost.

There is normally a charge to view such shipping records, the web site was kind enough to E-Mail me as: AHOY there Mackenzie! to inform me of their generous action.

I have downloaded the complete record of those passengers who set out in Titanic from both Southampton and Queenstown, and am most grateful to "The ancestorsonboard team."

Passenger's lists are not in alphabetical order
Unfortunately these lists for all passengers who set out in SS Titanic are in a random order, so it would be quite an arduous task to track down a specific entry.

Titanic Passenger list page 1


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