Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Ships During W.W. 2

Enquiry into Sinking of Sydney

In the intervening 56 years, many theories have been advanced on the loss of this ship, and many calls have been made to convene an enquiry into the sinking of "Sydney" and the total loss of her crew, all fell on deaf ears until:

Enquiry into the circumstances of the sinking of H.M.A.S. "Sydney" announced.
On the 26th. of August the Hon. Ian McLachlan A.O. M.P. referred to the members of the Defence Sub-Committee the following brief;-

To investigate and report on:
The circumstances of the sinking of H.M.A.5 "Sydney" off the West Australian coast on the 19th of November, 1941, with particular reference to:-

(1) the extent to which all available archival material has been fully investigated aiid whether any relevant material has been missplaced or destroyed;

(2) all relevant and archival material available from Allied and former enemy sources;


(3) the desirability and practicability of conducting a search for the H. M.A. S. "Sydney" and the extent to which the Commonwealth Government should participate in such a search should one be deemed desirable and practicable;

(4) the practicability of accurately locating the grave of an alleged body from HMA.S. "Sydney" which was allegedly buried on Christmas Lsiand;

(5) the identfication of any scientific procedures now available which could verify the identity of human remains alleged to be those of a crew member of H.MA.S 'Sydney" buried on Christmas Island if and when such remains were located;

(6) means which should be taken to protect and honour the final resting places, if and when located of H.MA.S "Sydney" and KSN "Kormoran."

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