Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Ships During W.W. 2

Conclusion and Postscript

In this wartime saga of the sea, we have traversed the whole gamut of human expcricnce- and have witnessed many traits of mankind: - courage, foolishness, bravery, tenacity, power, stubbornness, cunning, pride, thoroughness - the apparent differences in races: - eg. between the Germanic and British people, discipline, boredom, endurance, the urge to fight for survival, etc, etc.

The one lesson that needs to be heeded is :

"War is profligate with people, time, money, and materiel, it is utterly futile. Peace is an investment for mankind, and needs to be pursued at all costs."

Post Script
The Liberal National Party Coalition was returned to Government with a greatly reduced majority in the Lower House, but will not control the Senate, where minor parties hold the balance of power.

The new Parliament will not meet in Canberra until early in November, 1998. We have yet to learn whether the "Sydney" enquiry will be reconvened, and the fate of the evidence taken prior to the last Parliament being dissolved.

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