Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Ships During W.W. 2

One of the lesser reported events of World War 2 is the success achieved by Germany's "Surface Raiders" or Armed Merchant Ships.

Look at a globe depicting the world's land masses, and you will be impressed by the vast expanses of oceans that circle the earth, in fact, seven tenths of the World's surface is water.

These oceans became "Home" for the "Marauders of the Sea" in W.W.2 carrying a slew of names such as "Atlantis," (no doubt the doyen of this group) "Orion," "Widder." "Thor," "Pinguin," "Komet," "Michel," "Stier," and "Togo, and, the best known, "Kormoran," who was involved with the disappearance and death of the famous Australian Cruiser "Sydney."

In its own small way this work seeks to redress the paucity of reportage in this area of Maritime History.

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