Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Ships During W.W. 2

Last Voyage of Komet

The last voyage of "Komet."
It was a year later before "Komet" salled again, on the 7/8 th. of October, 1942, she left Flushing pretending to be a "Sperrbrecher." She was given a mine sweeping escort, 4 of whom ran into mines off Dunkirk, it had been only 4 hours earlier that this area was swept for mines by German sweepers, the British obviously topping up this field in the interim.

"Komet" stopped at Dunkirk, to await for the mine sweepers to again clear the area, on the 12th. she was at Boulogne on the way to Le Havre, and then whilst being escorted to Cherbourg ran into British Naval forces off Cap de la Hague, at 0205 (2.05 AM ) on the 13th, within 12 minutes, it was all over, after 2 heavy explosions on board, "Komet" sank.

The British had been aware that an important ship was trying to break out into the Channel, and set up 2 groups, made up of 9 Hunt Class Destroyers to sit in wait. The group of 5 Hunts, caught "Komet," set her on fire, as well as 2 of her escorts, thus disposing of yet another German Armed Merchant Raider.

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