Y14 Coast Guard, William Cowan

April 14, 2013

This lady Connie wants to know about her uncle who died on a Y14 Coast Guard ship my father who is still alive and remembers  was on that ship at that time. email me and we can converse.

I need the name of the Coast Guard ship please.

I also need Connie's Uncles name please, and the date he died would be helpful.

Mackenzie Gregory

I'm responding to her post she did not post her uncles name.... so you have to ask her the name. My dad would like to know who he was in and my dad's name is William Cowan.

I have already spoken to Connie in 2012:

February 10, 2012

I am doing some research for my family about my uncles death on the army tanker Y-14 during the Phillipines battle in December 1944. He was actually a member of the Coast Guard but was on an army ship. Do you have any information about this ship?

Thank you for whatever information you have.

Connie Campbell


I cannot turn up anything about the Army Tanker Y-14.



Update May 6, 2013 "Action Report: Army Coastal Tanker Y-14"

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Update May 6, 2013 "Action Report: Army Coastal Tanker Y-14"

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