Wreck of U 767

October 2, 2012

Hello Mac !

We have write together there are some month. I had send you underwater photos about the wreck of U 767.
I serach email or postal address about Dave Karius. I wrote with this man there are some years about mister Walter Schmientnop but I have lose his email and his postal address. Ca you give me his email or his postal adress to Vancouver ?

I write sometime articles about WW2 for a french historic magazine. Are you interested for that I write an article about you and you military life ? The chief redactor of this magazine is interested about you and your story, and also, me also :-) What do you think about this idea ?

I hope that you'll can to help me about address of Dave Karius and that you ll interested for to help me for to write an article about you. See "Leigh Bishop and the "Deep Image" projects   and U-767"

Best regards
Jean-Louis Maurette


Nice to hear from you.

I do not have Dave Karius'  E- Mail nor Walter's Vancouver address

I am  flattered that you would want to write about me, and will help in any way I can. 

Best regards,

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