Wood from The CSS Shenandoah

January 25, 2010 3:44 PM

Subject: Wood from The Shenandoah

Hello, I read the Age article today about the Confederate ship, The Shenandoah, visiting Melbourne in 1854. I have a lovely large piece of wood, some American walnut, which came off the ship to pay from provisions
for the ship. It came to me via my father & grandfather, who had removed the wood from a house being demolished in the 1930's, along with over 30 other similar pieces of wood (don't know what happened to them).

The story is that the crew had a lovely time whilst the ship was in Melbourne - were feted and treated like celebrities.

I don't know what to do with the wood, other than to preserve it for posterity. It was handed down to me by
my father when he died in 2008, at age 95 He originally was a carpenter, & my grandfather was a builder. Any

Best wishes, Sue Lowndes


Thanks for your interesting mail.

The ship was  in Melbourne in 1865 not 1854, and certainly caused quite a stir when they provisioned and repaired the ship at Williamstown. I suggest you offer your piece of wood to the RAN Heritage Centre on Garden Island Sydney, the Curator there is Commander Shane Moore RAN..

I suggest you tell Shane that Lieutenant Commander Mac Gregory RAN Retired, President of The Naval Heritage Foundation of Australia Inc gave you his name.

Best wishes.

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