William Rodger RNVR dental officer on HMS Artifex

May 23, 2013

Mac - I recently came across your Web Log whilst researching my father's WW2 service as an RNVR dental officer on HMS Artifex. Your site had a letter from Harold Rich dated November 6, 2012. Might it be possible to communicate with Harold via your site as I am trying to find out how my father - William Rodger - could have got back to the UK after August 1945? ( see Repair ships WW2 Royal Navy, HMS Artifex )

Harold identified that HMS Artifex returned to the UK in June 1946 having come via Australia.

I know for certain that my father was back in the UK working as a civilian dentist at the end of March 1946 so he could not have come back on HMS Artifex. Harold may have information which could help my research.
John Rodger


Regret I do not have Harold's E-Mail address.


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