William Humphries in sail training ship. Tingira, 1912 - 1913

January 28, 2009 Subject: London Depot?

Hi Mac

I am tracing my family history. On my grandfathers "Record of Service for Petty Officers and Men" I have found a list of the ships he served on. There are two that I cannot find any information about  - "London Depot" 20.12.12 - 16.1.13  and "Tingira" 8.11.16 - 19.9.19. I believe he came to Australia in the early days of the Royal Australian Navy. Do you know if the London Depot was actually a ship?

My grandfather, William Humphries, signed up for 5 years on 20.12.12. I know he got married in Grays Thurrock, Portsmouth on December 30 1912. He and my grandmother had a daughter in Williamstown Melbourne at the end of 1913.

Yours in anticipation


Tingira was a sailing ship used for training boys, here is her history:

The History of HMAS Tingira

William Humphries in sail trining ship. Tingira, 1912 - 1913
HMAS Tingira


Hi Mac

Thank you for your prompt reply. How interesting to read about the Tingara. My Grandfather had been on TS "Exmouth" at Grays and I think he had been in the Fire Brigade something to do with the RN, but that is another line of research.

Thank you again


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