William Edward Smith NX 45070 sailed in Zelandia to Singapore

October 10, 2009

The ship Zelandia sailed from Sydney 29/10/41& arrived Singapore 20/1141.. If william joined up in Sept /41 it
is possible that  allowing for training etc. It is likely that he sailed on the Zelandia.To the best of my knowledge this was the only vessel to sail to Singapore in convey H.M.T.Z. They were escorted by HMAS Adelaide to Albany, then HMAS Sydney to Sunda Straits, then HMS Durban to Singapore

Ken Close.


Thank you, I believe that the name of our Smith was William Edward Smith NX 45070, and I am sure you are right about him sailing in Zelandia to Singapore.

Here is Zelandia in 1933.
Zelandia in 1933


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