Who was this Australian Merchant Navy badge issued to?

May 23, 2010

Subject: Merchant Navy badge


I have an Australian Merchant Navy badge, that was issued in 1940. It also has a serial No. on it, and I would like to know how I can find out who it was issued to. I believe it was issued to Alec Cochrane who was on
the Centaur when it was torpedoed. Are you able to help me ?

Many thanks
Dennis Dale


Is the MN badge like this?  Merchant Navy badge, which is an oval badge edged with rope tied at the bottom in a reef knot and surmounted by a king's crown. In the middle are the letters 'MN' and underneath is a scroll with the word 'AUSTRALIA'.  

 To be issued to all officers and men of the Mercantile Marine engaged in Australia for service in oversea, interstate or intrastate vessels (excluding River and Bay and Pilot vessels) and to the personnel of deep-sea fishing vessels of 25 tons gross tonnage and upwards.

Does the Badge have MN in front of the Serial Number?

See this

for Service Records for the Merchant Navy in the Canberra Archives. 

If you go to this URL: http://www.awm.gov.au/encyclopedia/centaur/AWM54_409_9_1.pdf

scroll down to Page 5, and you will find  Cochrane A listed as a crew survivor.

Here is the E-Mail address and phone number of the Secretary of the Centaur Association Jan Thomas 

Association Spokesperson 
Jan Thomas, OAM
Secretary, 2/3  AHS Centaur Association
Association Representative, Centaur
Search Reference Committee
m: 0407 257 096


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