What is a Yachtie's Commission?

February 15, 2013

Hello Mac and Denise,

Since visiting you I have been re-ordering my father's papers and have come across reference to the term "Yachtie's Commission" and I am wondering what it means. Can you help please?

Many thanks, 


During WW2 some personnel who had experience in yachts and sailing were offered a wartime commission in what became known as the Yachtman's scheme

Many of these wartime officers  completed anti submarine courses and served as AS specialists in corvettes, frigates and some in destroyers.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much Mac. This is really interesting. 

Now that you have given me the correct term - "Yachtsman's scheme" - I have been able to learn more  from the web and the information there seems to fit the context of my father's notes. 

Hope you are keeping well,

Kind regards,


I have just come home from 6 days in Epworth Hospital. My problem Celluilitis in my legs, I have twice been admitted for it, and my platelets had fallen to a very dangerous level of only 1000 which is knocking on the door, they were OK this time at 172,000.

Also had fluid in the lungs.

This is alright now, so I proceed with some caution.


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