What happened to the Camerons, prisoners on merchant raider Wolf?

March 18, 2010
Re: Juanita Cameron

Hi there down under,

I'm a 60 year old radiojournalist preparing a story of 22 minutes on SMS Wolf. My wife, a real Aussie from Perth, after reading the script asked what had happened to the Camerons. Did they stay on Wolf or on the spanish ship, that stranded in Denmark?

Do you have any information or a hint, where to search

thanks a lot

Thomas Gerlach
Bayerischer Rundfunk / Bavarian Radio


Wolf made it back to Hamburg, and the Camerons were still prisoners in the captured Spanish Collier Igonz Mendi who was sailing to Denmank.

She ran aground close to Skagen Denmark and the Camerons were taken off the ship by the Danes and went to Skagen.

They spent 6 weeks in Copenhagen, and arrived back in the US in May 1918, and reached Berkeley on May 21, after a week they moved north to Washington where Stan was born.

They did not return to Berkeley until the early 1920's, and Stan resumed his duties as a skipper.

He gave up the sea in 1926 and they moved to Compton near Los Angeles. Mary aged 80 died in 1070, and Stan died 4 years later.

The couple never sailed to Australia again.

Hope this helps.


March 19, 2010


thanks for your quick response - so Juanita never made it to see Grandma and Grandpa?

Where do you live? Newcastle?

as I said - I appreciate your support

all the best


No not Newcastle but in Melbourne, the capital of the most southern state on the mainland.

Only Tasmania across Bass Strait is further south.

Glad to be able to help if only in a small way.

Best wishes,

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