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Hi Mate,

Came across your Website while browsing the Internet. Interesting stuff you have accumulated. I will need lots of time to read it all.

I created and maintain a Website and Forum for the HMAS Voyager All Crews. This is a link to the Website  

I have added a link to your Website in the Links Menu and posted an Email to some guys re your website.

Could I ask you to add a link to the HMAS Voyager All Crews Website please.

Les Sheehan
ex HMAS Voyager


Thank you for your kind words about AHOY, its a joint effort with my webmaster Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, USA, turning my research and scribblings into the site that is out there on the WWW for anyone to find and log on.


I owe Terry a great debt, without his expertise and dedication, our site would not exist or flourish.


I have asked him to add a link to your site.


Best regards,

There were two destroyers that carried the name of Voyager in the RAN, the first, a V & W class Destroyer that served with distinction in WW2 as part of the famous Scrap Iron Flotilla, on September 23 1942 she ran aground at Betano Bay in Timor and needed to abandoned. 

Voyager 1
Voyager 1. 

Voyager 11, collided with the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne on  February 10, 1964. and sank with 82 of her crew dying.

Voyager II
Voyager 11.
 Aircraft carrier Melbourne, damage
Aircraft carrier Melbourne, damage from her collision with Voyager 11.


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