Was Eric Lawrence GWilliam on board HMAS Canberra at the time of her sinking?

24 May 2011

Subject: HMAS Canberra 1942



Hi There Mac,


I am wondering, if you would have any information, in eference to the crew list. Which was onboard the Canberra when she was attacked at Savo. I am trying to piece together some information for my 83 year mother, who can only remember seeing her father once. He was a crew member of the HMAS Canberra in 1942. His name is Eric Lawrence GWILLIAM. I also believe he was not one of the crew that sadly passed away. I believe he was a Chief Petty Officer.

All this time we are unsure.

Any information you have on hand, would be a great benefit. As mum is now very frail, and I would dearly love
her to have a photo of her father, or any info.

´╗┐Best Regards
Ed Hunt

Hello Ed,

I have a complete list of everyone on board HMAS Canberra at the time of her sinking, alas Eric Lawrence GWilliam does not appear there.

That can only mean he was NOT on board at The Battle of Savo Island on August 9, 1942.

I tried to find Eric on the WW2roll.gov.au which lists everyone who served in WW2, and again I drew a blank.

Are you absolutely sure you have given me the correct details?

I would dearly have loved to help your Mother at this late stage, and regret I was unable to assist.


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