WWII Naval Hat?

28 Mar 2010


Would you have any idea where I can find out what this hat is? A friend gave it to me to wear on our sailboat. He got it from his father I think from the ETO in WWII. Any guidance is much appreciated.

Michael G. Krtek, BA, NREMP
Joplin, MO


The cap photos are not those worn US naval officers,or Confederate Naval officers ( see description for
Confederate Naval caps below ) It may well be from a yachting club, but I am unable to track it down specifically.

CapsConfederate Naval Caps were made of steel grey cloth.[12] They were not to be less
than three inches and a half, nor more than four inches in height. They were also not to be more than ten, or less than nine inches and a half, at the top, and had a patent leather visor, to be worn by all officers in their service dress.

For a flag officer, the cap had an anchor in an open wreath of oak leaves, with four stars above the anchor.
They were to be embroidered in gold as per pattern.

For a captain, the same as a flag officer's, except that there were only three stars above the anchor, and the gold band was one and one-half inches wide.

For a commander it was to be the same as for a captain, except that there were only but two stars.

For a lieutenant, the same as that of a captain, except there was only one star.

For a master, the same as for a captain, except that there was no star.

For a passed midshipman, an anchor without a wreath.

For a midshipman, no caps were to be worn.


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