Voltaire Chief Petty Officer George Stamp in the book "Sailors in Cages"

Hi Mac,

Surfed into your page.

My uncle Chief Petty Officer George Stamp was on the Voltaire when it was sunk in 1941 off Cape Verde. Apparently there is an account of him losing his life while tending the wounded on deck in the book "Sailors in Cages".

George, born in 1895, apparently was a "navy lifer" and was injured during the "Archangel Affair" in Northern Russia, 1918.

Terence Stamp, Los Angeles.

Hello Terence,

Thank you for your message, I have a signed copy of Roger Coward's book " Sailors in Cages", your late Uncle, CPO George Stamp is mentioned on pages 17,22, 25 and 32. I believe he was a  Sick Bay Chief Petty Officer.

I will send two E-Mails, the first one with pages 17 and 22 scanned, and the second with pages 25 and 32 scanned.

With best wishes from Down Under.

Mac. Gregory.

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