Voltaire 1 was sunk by the German Armed Merchant Raider Moewe in WW1

Hi Mac,

The 1912 photo of the Voltaire, that is the right one is it, as I have come across a Voltaire steam ship out of Liverpool lying at the bottom of the sea off the Pembrokeshire coast  25 miles NE by N  off Smalls. sunk by uboat February 11th 1917 carrying food and provisions.

I do not know the tonnage of this one but will try and find out later on.   The name Voltaire seems to be a bit unlucky during wars.


I must apologise, when I sent you the postcard of Voltaire I should have explained she was
Voltaire 1, and was actually sunk by the German Armed Merchant Raider Moewe in WW1.

On the 2nd. of December 1916, the British Voltaire of 8,618 grt. was caught, she was in ballast bound for the United States, her crew of 90 men were taken off, and she was sunk. A good start for the Raider's new cruise.

The above para comes from my Marauders of the Sea WW1.
Sorry to confuse you, at times I am remiss, I know the story but should not assume everyone else does.
You are right about an unlucky name, as her namesake suffered the same fate in WW2 at the hands of Thor.
Best wishes.

Many thanks for sorting that out I only noticed last night that by the date it was built there could not be a 1912 picture of it. More coincidence, off the Pembrokeshire coast is a coaster that sank in 1943 after being swamped by a following sea with a cargo of coal, and what is the name ? THOR .


This may be the report of the Coaster Thor sinking you found.

Thor. 51.41.40N 05.04.11W

Coaster lying upside down on a muddy bottom. Sank during the War when it was swamped by a following sea. Lots of fish life. Depth down to 25m. Difficult to find, the transits can be obtained from Dive Pembrokeshire. In 1999 during a wreck discovery week, a world war two battery was found. The wreck has started to break up and can now be penetrated with caution. Cargo was coal, sank 18/12/1943, three men killed. In 2002 it has started to break up and has turned on its side, revealing some of its secrets

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