Volendam, some three ships bore that name

April 1, 2011

I just read the page  about the s.s. Volendam. My family (Mom, Dad, 9 children) boarded the Volendam in Rotterdam and arrived in Quebec City (Canada) on Oct 12, 1951. That proves that she survived being torpedoed.

Its always been my understanding that our trip was the last one she took and then was "scrapped" I believe in
Scotland. Not sure of it being Scotland though. Back in the 1970's I heard of another ship having that same name; a cruiseship somewhere. Is that a normal thing, using the same name for another ship?

--------------Kor Kits,  

see "From passenger on the Volendam"

Hello Kor,

SS Volendam1 was scrapped in 1952 in Holland.

Volendam 11 was formerly SS  Brazil. SS Volendam to Enchanted Seas Volendam 11.

SS Brasil, a ship that became the Universe Explorer, was without a doubt a magnificent Classic Liner, even though she had seen some rebuilding with decks added, thus she became a somewhat changed ship from the one that was originally launched on December 16, 1957. During her 46 year history SS Brasil had a varied life as can be observed by her many name changes such as the Holland America Lines SS Volendam through to the Enchanted Seas and this time of her career is covered on this page. There is no doubt that during her time of service, this
superbly built liner and cruise ship served not only her original owner, Moore-McCormack well, but also served all her other owners extremely well.

Volendam 111 was yet a third ship to carry the name.

MV Volendam 111.
Although not many ships have their names carried on by another later ship, in the case of Volendam, some three ships bore that name.

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