Uniform for Chief Officer in the Merchant Navy, WW2

August 27, 2009

Dear Mac Gregory

I have read your answer to Sarah and I have a picture (maybe my father) in the same uniform.

My father was in Copenhagen in 1945 and I am born in 1946. I send you my picture and maybe you can tell me a little.

I was adoptet soon and the picture I have got from a sister in USA I have found after my bio. mothers dead this year.

Carl Aage Christensen

Dear Carl,

Thank you for your mail.

Your photo shows a Chief Officer who was a seaman officer ( there are no colurs between his uniform stripes ) in the Merchant Navy. His cap badge is that common to the Merchant Navy, some shipping companies designed their own officers' cap badge, but that is not the case here.

A Chief Officer is one rank below that of Captain, in which case he would carry four stripes on his sleeves.

I cannot make out his war medal ribbons, but if you care to describe them for me I probably will be able to identify them for you.

Best regards, 

August 27, 2009
Dear Mac.

Thank you for helping me. I can not see the medal ribbens, sorry.

My name is Inge-Lise. It is my husbond Carl.

How can I find out who the photo´s is. (register) I have no name only the pictures and that he was in Copenhagen in 1945 and knew my bio. mother Else Margrethe Larsen.?


August 27, 2009

Sorry for the confusion.

I really have no way of identifying the officer in your photo, also the fact that it was taken so long ago would
not help.

Assuming the officer is English and in their merchant marine you may be able to find out what British ships
visited Copenhagen in 1945. Can you get closer to the date of his visit from your birth date?



At this URL: http://www.sa.dk/ 

There maybe reports about British shipping in Copenhagen, as I do not speak Danish are you please able to look at that site to see if it is of any use to us in our search for the names of British ships in the port over December


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