Umpire when it was captured by the Barque Tacony

August 21, 2009 

 I recently acquired 5 letters from a Union Soldier to his wife that I plan to put on ebay.  One of the letters describes how the soldier was on the Umpire when it was captured by the Barque Tacony.

I was hoping to use the following description from your blog in my ebay description with your permission. I would also list your website as a reference.

"He (Charles Read) remained unknown, until on the 15th. of June about 300 miles off the Delaware River he burned the brig Umpire, twice Read was stopped by Union warships who asked if he had spotted the pirate Tacony, on both occasions he responded positively, and gave bogus directions in which he had seen this Confederate ship sailing.

Read continued to be busy, wreaking havoc on Union ships, he stopped Isaac Webb carrying 750 new immigrants for America, there was no way he could cope with that
many prisoners, so he extracted a $40,000 bond, on returning to his command there was an inquisitive fishing schooner Micabar poking her nose into Confederate business, for his trouble, his ship was torched.

The next day, Tacony found the new clipper Byzantium, loaded with coal, although Read was tempted to retain her to coal Florida and Lapwing, he was beginning to worry about his superior and his ship, and burning was ordered.

Later that day more success, Goodspeed in ballast from Ireland to New York was also disposed of by fire.

On the 22nd. of June, it was the turn of New England fishing schooners, 3 were burnt, and a fourth was loaded with prisoners, bonded and sent off to take her load to port."

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That is fine to use the description from AHOY.


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