U.S. Navy Lt. Matthew Maury

August 9, 2012

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I'm that guy from DownEast Maine who wrote about the wreck of the former CSS Georgia on the Maine Coast "Fate of the CSS Georgia." Of recent I have been compiling a story about Lt  Frederick Mahan, the guy who created a plan for numeric flash patterns for offshore lights to make them easier for mariners to identify.

In the research one thing leads to another, from one lighthouse to another and to other things other than lighthouses. Up came Wind and Current Chart of the North Atlantic and most significantly the author, U.S. Navy Lt. Matthew Maury.  In reading his very interesting bio up came the Georgia, but not by name.  Maury was later CS Navy and the guy who arranged to purchase ships for the CSN including the Japan---and then the rest of the story.

That guy Muary sure did an amazing bunch of things during his career. Not one to sit idle by any means. Perhaps you have read Maury's bio. If not it is here and in a very complete and extensive form.  Matthew Fontaine Maury: Benefactor of Mankind

Also from the Mahan research, the wreck of the USS Despatch, one of the most well known Navy ships in its day, this the first U.S. Presidential yacht. This wreck happened in Mahan's lighthouse district but two days after the
Mahan Plan was released to the press. There is a really good account of the Despatch at this web site that I thought you might find interesting
This incident is an interesting study for what took place before the wreck and the after not included in this account. The wreck was blamed on the Lighthouse Service but from my reconstruction of this event it is obvious, though there were several extenuating circumstances, this ship met its fate as a result of very basic navigation errors. This quite unexpected for this Navy Lt commanding the ship was one the best of the best of his rank in the Navy as such a command would have required for the commander having the responsibility for the safety and well being of the U.S. President. He escaped with career untarnished and went on to later command the BB-11, the new battleship Missouri.

Hope things are with fair wind and gentle seas for you way down there in Aussie land.

My best to you,
David Gamage


Nice to hear from you again.

All very interesting.
Down under all goes well thanks.

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