Tony Lawton spent four years as a Radio Officer on British Ships during World War 2

March 30, 2010 7:19 AM

MacKenzie J Gregory

During World War 2 I spent four years as a Radio Officer on British Ships and lived to tell the tale. Since 1947 I have lived in Vancouver, Canada and belong to a group of a few seafaring survivors who have a four-times-a-year newsletter (no charge, non-profit). I have been asked to contribute a few words about my
experiences and would like to include a copy of the convoy photo that appears on your website and above.

May I ask your permission to do so?

Thank you, and may I say with admiration how well you have assembled the history of the battle for Convoy ONS 5.

Tony Lawton


Please use the Convoy photo or your newsletter.

Could you please send me a copy?

You live in a lovely city and I could quite easily live there.

My thanks for your kind words about my piece on ONS 5, a truly horrific experience for those involved.

Ahoy is a joint effort with my Web Master in Atlanta Georgia, Terry Kearns, without whom we would not be on the net.

Best regards,

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