Togo of Tsushima, pictures from Admiral Togo's visit to the USA in 1911 and 1934 Time Magazine Obit

Togo of Tsushima

Dear Mac,

In one of your replies to a recent letter or email, you mentioned some of the turning points in naval history, The battle of Tsushuma Straits  (see Russia versus Japan. The Battle of Tusushuma Straits, 1905) amongst them. (Some people spell that as Tsushima)

I see now that you have written a most enlightening article about the battle and its geopolitical implications here:   Russia versus Japan. The Battle of Tusushuma Straits, 1905 

This reminded me that I had seen several photographs of Admiral Togo on Flickr.  They are part of the Library of Congress's holdings - taken from the Bain News photographic agency collection. 

Admiral Togo made a visit to the USA in 1911 and was feted all round, including official visits to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and West Point.

You can see the set of  photographs here:


Those particular photographs are of "no known copyright" and hence are available for download and use by you should they be of interest.

There's also a good Time magazine article from 1934 about Togo and his demise here: 




As usual you come up with some interesting and useful information, so thank you for the photos of Togo.

I am aware of the alternative spelling of Tsushuma as Tsushima, and am not sure which way has the greater claim.

Perhaps its the latter, as the Straits of that name seem to be marked as Tsushima on maps, so on balance that might be the one I should use. 

But, Tsushuma for me has a better ring about it, so I might just leave my article as it is, perverse of me probably. 

On Sunday last I was the guest speaker at the Navy week Service at the Shrine, with the Loss of Canberra 1 at Savo, as my subject. Several people asked fpr a copy of the text, I will add you to the email I send out on it.

Always pleased to hear from you.

Best regards, 

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