Tie pin with replica of Merchant Navy Officers' Cap Badge

February 06, 2009

 Hi Mac,

Having looked at one of your sites, regarding a solid silver tie pin, in my possession (see attachment)

I am unable to define exactly what the pin represents, having looked at one badge, ie Merchant Marine Officers WW2 Cap badge, could you please inform me if this pin is in fact the same, to me it is Unique.

Merchant Navy Officers' Cap Badge tie pin

Chris Parker.

Hello Chris,

The Merchant Navy Officers' Cap Badge was worn by Officers whose own Shipping Company did not have a Cap Badge of their own.

Your tie pin carries a replica of that badge, it was also used by ladies as a brooch.

The Royal Australian Navy Officers' Cap Badge was similarly replicated on a silver bar as a ladies brooch, and my Financee  wore one throughout WW2.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,  

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