Thomas William Huges serve on SS Wear?

March 10, 2011

I am hoping you are able to shed some light on Thomas William Huges born 1924 williamstown was a radio operator WWII - and supposedly to do with American Navy - made to join at 16-17 years of age - served SS Wear - when it was sunk at some stage - I work at the HMAS Cerberus Museum and am trying to help a gentleman piece together his father's service

Regards Toni Munday
HMAS Cerberus Museum
Curator's Assistant


The only SS Wear /I can find is this one:

SS Wear. * 21m. 1076tg, 222`x 33`x 14`. Built 1905, sunk May 15 1910 whilst en-route from Newcastle to St. Servian with coal. Struck the Grunes du Nord. Jumbled up with SS Dagenham wreckage.

As she sank in 1910, it is obviously not the right one for Thomas.

Should his name read Hughes?

I must say its an odd story, how could an Australian National be forced to work with the US Navy?

Sorry, but I am unable to help with the data you have provided. There was no SS Wear sunk in WW2.

There is no T W Hughes or TW Huges listed either in the RAN or the Merchant Navy on the WW2roll.gov.au site.



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