The Malta Story ARH Barton

September 24, 2012 7:08 pm

"This is the story by way of the log book and diary of Squadron Leader ARH Barton's operational tour of
Malta from March to June 1942

Hi Mac

I was reading some more articles on your web site – One of which was this. Great stuff! However it is credited to me. However I have never seen it before!


I then tried to find the narrative that I wrote on my Dad but couldn’t find it. Can u point me in the right direction please? I am having to rewrite another  version as I have now had some more information
given to me courtesy of Frederick Galea from the Malta Aviation Museum. I will send it as soon as it is finished. Keep up the good work – terrific website!

Kind rgds - Tony


Thanks for your nice comments about AHOY. I am now 90 and both Terry and myself are grateful for comments such as yours.

Silly me, I know that Mac McLeod was the author of Convoy Diary which is acknowledged later in the article.

Have asked my Webmaster to correct this error.

See this URL:

Best wishes,


September 26, 2012

Good evening Mac.

The comments are well deserved. My hat is off to you & Terry. Congratulations on being 90 – I certainly would not have known your age from the amount of work

That must have gone into “Ahoy”. I am impressed!
I know the URL that you sent me  - however I can’t find the narrative added that I sent to you about my Dad, it’s some 20 pages....Maybe you haven’t had time to post it yet?

see "Squadron 126 leader ARH Barton - Tony or Killer"

Kind rgds-Tony


I have looked at every article posted on AHOY and cannot find anything from you about your Dad.

I think I would remember getting a 20 page document from you, I pride myself on having a good memory, but I cannot recall ever receiving such a document.

Let me have a copy when you complete the latest article.

Best regards,

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