The Atlantic Ocean a poem by Mackenzie Gregory

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The Atlantic Ocean.
By Mackenzie Gregory.
The Atlantic Ocean, a body of water, so dark and rude,
To sail its breadth can be a shock, when its in an ugly mood.
Huge waves and frightening winds that blow and roar,
A fearsome sight that can pierce one to your very core.

A huge expanse of water flowing from the east to west,
It can certainly put both man and his vessel to the test.
Your bow dips down well below this mighty awesome sea,
You both hope and pray to survive its awful majesty.

Mother nature at her worst and in command of your very puny life,
You hold on, and trust you will outlast out this storm and strife.
In WW2, your Convoy also battles on with U-Boats in the fight,
At least the violent storm is on your side as the enemy is not in sight.
And now the Atlantic storm brings down a Sunderland Flying boat,

A crew of thirteen in need of help, but how much longer can their aircraft float?
A huge wave breaks up this very large Flying Boat.
Brave Aussie sailors risk their lives to save these RAF flying crew,
Nine are safe, but four drift away to drown, and we have lost those few.

A feeling of despair embraces me, unable to pluck them from the raging sea,
This helpless feeling will my lifetime remain a sadness and worry me.
What destiny allows me to live? Whilst four brave airmen drift away to die,
The toss of a coin, decides who lives, who ends their life? One can but utter up a sigh.

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