That lastest "Bump"

Hang in there Mac, that last bump is way down the road yet. Your site fascinates me, I really appreciate the effort you put into it. And as the mainstream press seems not to have remembered the Pearl Harbor anniversary, and they insist on VP day instead of VJ day at the rare times they mention it, we need to be reminded by other means, such as 'Ahoy"

Kind regards, 
Russ Dann


My thanks for your kind message.

I saw my Haematologist today, and current progress is good, still a long way to go, and I will be on Steriods for at least six weeks, and they play merry hell with my Diabetes blood/sugars, but at least I know how to react to account for ups and downs.

Steriods do not assist the sleep process as well, but then I am not complaining as I am lucky to still be around.

Nice of you to write, have a great Christmas.


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