Sydney to San Francisco in Marine Pheonix in 1947

October 28, 2009  Subject: Marine Phoenix

Hello Denis,

I have just found your weblog re Marine Phoenix. As a child of 2 1/2 I travelled with my parents from Sydney
to San Francisco on that ship at the end of 1947. We went to live in Abilene Texas for three years where my
father attended the Abilene Christian College. My brother was born there. Both my parents have since died
... my dad last year at age 92. I remember him telling me it was a converted troop ship and very unsafe for
children. No proper railing around the bow. A child climbed through and almost fell overboard! Dorm
accommodation. Men in one section. Women and children in another section. My poor mother was seasick before we even got out of Sydney Harbour and I was apparently a bit of a wild child, so I believe the trip (more than three weeks) was not pleasent. We travelled home three years later on the Oriana.

I would be grateful for any further information you have on that ship or any photos you could pass on.

Best of luck with your research.

Lanice Gaye Flaxman

Hello Lanice,

Thank you for your E-Mail.

I am Mackenzie Grefgory, one of  my correspondents about Marine Phoenix was Denis

If you go to this URL : Family Sailed in liberty ship named Marine Phoenix, you will find some details of the ship and some photographs of her.

Best regards,

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